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Geordie Hospitals Has Nation In Tears



Last night’s episode of Geordie Hospital left many viewers in tears as they watched a courageous dad learn to walk again following a horrific accident at work.

The new Channel 4 series gives people an insight into what life is like for the amazing staff at the Freeman Hospital and the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary showcases the dedication and tireless work of some of our local NHS heroes and follows the moving stories of the patients they care for.

The first episode left viewers bursting with pride and this week’s show was no different, with the audience cheering on Sunderland docker Jason as he took his first steps to recovery.

The 51-year-old broke his back after a large pallet fell on top of him at work and was left unable to move his legs due to compression on his spinal cord. The dad-of-five had emergency surgery on his spine but was unable to walk since his accident.

Monday night’s episode of Geordie Hospital captured the emotional moment neurophysiotherapist Rachel Stout helped Jason to walk for the first time. There weren’t many dry eyes amongst those who watched grandad Jason express his gratitude saying, “Thank you very very much. You don’t know how much it means to me. Best day of my life. “

The second episode also saw eight-year-old Violet’s life transformed by corrective surgery to her feet after suffering from a condition since birth that has affected the development of feet. Her story tugged on the heartstrings of those watching as she spoke of how she was teased for tripping over her feet and just wanted to play outside with her friends.

Philip Henman, consultant orthopedic surgeon at the RVI, carried out Violet’s successful surgery.

The whole series is now available to binge-watch on All4.

What are you making of the series so far?

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The Killers pause Old Trafford gig to check crowd-surfing pensioner is okay



The 67-year-old was enjoying the gig with his son and daughter-in-law when he decided to get in on the action.

Half way through the set, singer Brandon Flowers expressed his concern after seeing an elderly man fall into the 60,000-strong crowd while being crowd-surfed to the front.

When the pensioner – later identified as sixty-seven-year-old Doug James from Sale – was pulled from the crowd with a bleeding head, Flowers asked the audience whether he should be crowd-surfing at his age, before jumping down from the stage to greet him himself.

Social media footage shows Flowers warmly embracing Doug, who seemed overjoyed with the situation and completely unfazed by the cut on his head.

Once back on stage, the American singer adopted his own Mancunian accent and recalled: “I said Billy what ya doin’? He told me ‘I’m enjoyin’ me self!’”.

Doug, who was at the gig with his son and daughter-in-law, later told ITV News of his encounter: “There are so many nice and fun people at concerts, I got chatting to them and thought it [crowd-surfing] would be a good idea.”

He explained that he was inspired after seeing a lady in a wheelchair be lifted into the air, noting how he thought it was a ‘lovely idea’.

He said to the people around him: “I’d like to have a go at that and I said to the lad beside me if you crowd surf then I will, he decided not to, but I said lift me up and send me forward.”

Doug said that he didn’t realise he was on the big screen at the time and, when asked by Flowers what he was doing, had simply replied: “I’m enjoying myself!”

Check out the video here:

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Kate Bush heading to number 1 thanks to Stranger Things



Kate Bush has been popular with music fans for decades, but she has suddenly reached a new audience thanks to the latest series of Stranger Things.

Season four of the hit Netflix sci-fi horror broke the streaming giant’s record for the biggest-ever premiere weekend for an English-language series.

Bush’s 1985 track Running Up That Hill features in the season’s first episode.

As a result, the track has gone viral on social media and is now top of Spotify’s daily songs chart in the UK.

After being widely shared by fans on TikTok and Twitter, Running Up That Hill replaced Harry Styles at number one in streaming service’s ranking.

It also became Spotify’s fourth-most streamed song worldwide, and topped the Apple iTunes chart.

Running Up That Hill, taken from Bush’s album Hounds of Love, had previously peaked at number three in the UK, but thanks to Stranger Things it is currently the singer’s most streamed track.

In 2012, Running Up That Hill re-entered the top 10 of the official UK singles chart, after featuring in the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, and it could do so again this coming Friday.

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Song Called ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N***e’ Is Rising up British Singles Chart



A song titled, ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N***e’ has been rising steadily up the UK charts.

Virginia Robert Giuffre may have reportedly been banned from speaking about Prince Andrew during the platty joobs celebrations but a band named, The Kunts, has seemingly gotten away with singing about her majesty’s son.

As of today, 1 June, ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N***e’ has risen to twelfth place on the UK’s Official Trending Chart.

The song was released under the label Radical Rudeness.

Kunt and the Gang have been actively promoting the song on Twitter, urging followers to download the tune in a bid to get it pushed to spot number two on the Jubilee charts.

The song has even be remixed by one user and made into ’14 versions’ to help get it to second place.

‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N***e’ is also now trending on Twitter.

Will it get to Number 1 for Jubilee weekend?

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