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Migrants Left to Drown by British and French Police, Says Survivor.



A survivor of the Channel boat tragedy claimed on Sunday that pleas from the migrants were ignored despite efforts to call the French and British police, the pleas being ignored ultimately resorted to them being left to tragically down.

Mohammed Ibrahim Zada, who was one of only two survivors, said the migrants had “fought death” for hours, waiting for dawn to break as they clinged onto the wreckage. Mr Zada told a Kurdish television channel on Sunday that 33 passengers had climbed into the rubber dinghy however the journey was instantly compromised as water entered the dinghy as soon as they departed from the French coast late on Tuesday night.

12 hours after leaving and a few miles from the coast in French waters, a French fisherman found bodies floating in the waters resulting in a mayday signal to be sent out. But Mr Zada, 21, who had been treated for hypothermia, said: “We called UK police, they didn’t help us. We called the French police and they said: ‘you are in UK territory’.”

In an emotional tribute to those he travelled with, he told Rudaw TV after leaving hospital: “There were families and I remember a kid, three or four years old. We were holding each other’s hands. We were almost fine until dawn. Then most of them gave up their lives. The whole night nobody died. Until dawn when many of them let go of the remaining bit of the boat and gave up their lives.”

Mr Zada said he was trying to reach Britain so he could earn enough money to assist his sisters health bills as she had fallen sick. The life of Mr Zada was threatened on the journey as a big ship passed on by which they refused to flag down in the hope they could all make it to Britain. Mr Zada, wept as he identified on television a photograph of a family who was on the boat with him, he confirmed.

The Rzgar family, from an autonomous Kuridsh region of Iraq, had spoken in interviews only a week before the tragedy occured. They spoke of starting a new and better life in Britain. On November 17, the Rzgar family was interviewed in a field where they had set up camp after being evicted from another makeshift camp at Grande-Synthe in Dunkirk that had been home to 1,500 migrants.

Photographs of the family scavenging for blankets and cooking pots and utensils were taken. Their mother, 46, spoke no English but said through a translation made by her son: “We just want to come to your country. All we want is a life.” Highlighting the horrors of the reality they have had to endure. The family had arrived in Europe from their home in Darbandikhan via Turkey, taking a boat to Italy and then lorries through France to reach the northern coast.

French authorities are understood to be still trying to officially identify the 27 corpses pulled from the sea and have said it could take a further week for names to be released.

DNA checks will have to be carried and cross-referenced against family members.

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Deborah James Awarded Damehood After Raising Over £3,000,000 for Charity



Deborah James has said she is ‘blown away’ after being made a Dame for her tireless campaigning for cancer charities.

The inspirational broadcaster and author announced earlier this week that she is receiving hospice care at home after stopping her cancer treatment, and has said she ‘could have weeks to live at most’.

In recent days, the You, Me & The Big C host has raised over £3million for charities that have helped her over the past five years, through her Bowelbabe Fund.

After calls for her to receive the Royal honour, it has been revealed that Deborah is now officially Dame Deborah James.

‘I don’t know what to say. I’m blown away and feel incredibly honoured,’ she said reacting to the news.

She added ‘I don’t feel like I deserve this. I can’t tell you what this means to my family, it’s so much to take in.’

Her husband Sebastien Bowen, said the public support of the fundraiser has ‘brought a piercing ray of light and hope into this, the darkest of times’, adding that the Damehood is ‘so truly deserved’.

Downing Street said the Queen was ‘pleased to approve the honour of damehood’ be bestowed upon Deborah James.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed Dame Deborah as an figure of inspiration to the country.

‘If ever an honour was richly deserved, this is it,’ the leader said.

‘Deborah has been an inspiration and her honesty, warmth and courage has been a source of strength to so many people.’

Thank you for all your incredible work.

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EuroMillions: UK ticket holder claims £184m jackpot



One lucky ticket-holder’s life has changed forever after winning the £184million EuroMillions jackpot. It means they have become the biggest ever National Lottery winner, operator Camelot has said.

Whoever they are, they have knocked the anonymous winner of £170million in October 2019 off the top spot. They have also become the National Lottery’s 14th winner of more than £100million.

The winner, who is yet to be named, is also the second person in the UK to win the EuroMillions jackpot this year, after someone bagged £109million in February.

The winning numbers were 3, 25, 27, 28 and 29 – plus the Lucky Star numbers 4 and 9. One ticket matched all seven numbers to win £184,262,899.10.

Senior winners’ adviser for the National Lottery, Andy Carter said: “What an amazing night for one UK ticket-holder who has scooped the incredible £184million EuroMillions jackpot – they have become the UK’s biggest ever National Lottery winner.”

The claim will now go through a validation process to ensure terms and conditions are met and once the ticket has been validated the winner can choose whether or not to remain anonymous.

What would you do with all that money?

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Baby P’s Killer Mum Tracey Connelly Set for Prison Release after Judge Gives Green Light



Tracey Connelly, the mother of Baby P, who died after months of abuse, will be released from prison after the Parole Board rejected a Government challenge against its ruling.

The decision comes after Justice Secretary Dominic Raab appealed against the recommendation to free Tracey Connelly from prison.

Connelly was jailed at the Old Bailey in 2009 for causing or allowing the death of her 17-month-old son Peter at their home in Tottenham, north London, on August 3 2007.

Dominic Raab said the decision demonstrated why the system “needs a fundamental overhaul – including a ministerial check for the most serious offenders”.

Now 40, this was Connelly’s fourth parole review after she was released on licence in 2013 but recalled to prison in 2015 for breaching her parole conditions by “developing intimate personal relationships” online and inciting another resident at her accommodation to engage in “inappropriate sexualised behaviour”.

In a statement, the Parole Board said: “In summary, the judge has concluded that the panel did take into consideration all evidence mentioned by the application and made rational conclusions.

“The reconsideration decision clarifies that the weight given to the evidence given by the Secretary of States witnesses, who supported release, and the proposed external controls, was proportionate and the reasons were clearly outlined in the decision letter.

“The final ground on the rationality of the outcome was also rejected on the grounds of not reaching the threshold, as defined by law, for becoming unreasonable.”

The Parole Board, which is independent of government, received a formal request to review the decision to free Connelly last week.

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