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M and S changes name of Midget Gems following campaign



Midget Gems name change

The supermarket has renamed the sweet in case the original branding caused offence to those with dwarfism.


An academic from Liverpool Hope University has launched a campaign determined to convince manufacturers and shops to switch the name of Midget Gems.


Marks and Spencer is the first to react to the campaign by rebranding the sweet at Mini Gems.


Campaign leader Dr Erin Pritchard wrote in Big Issue North, “Often referred to by people with dwarfism as the m-word, it is a term derived from the word midge, meaning gnat or sandfly.


It’s origin automatically dehumanises people like me. It was a term popularised during the Victorian freak show, where many disabled people, including people with dwarfism, were oppressed and exploited.”


Dr Pritchard, who is a disability studies lecturer with the bone growth disorder achondroplasia, explains the word midget is a form of hate speech and adds to the prejudice people with dwarfism experience daily.


M and S has altered the packaging for the Midget Gems to fit the jelly sweets new name.


Tesco and Morrisons are expected to be next to follow their example.

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McDonald’s Mondays: How to get a 99p Quarter Pounder Today



Fans of McDonald’s can enjoy some breakfast and lunch meals for just 99p today as the fast food chain slashes its prices for one day only, marking the return of McDonald’s Mondays.

The fast-food chain’s regular McMuffin will be reduced from £2.29 to just 99p during the breakfast window, which ends at 11am.

Quarter pounders with cheese will also be available for less than £1 on the lunch menu, saving customers £2.20!

The deal is limited to one per person and is only available via the offers section of the McDonald’s app until midnight.

Then just choose how you would like to collect your order via Drive-thru, click and serve, takeaway or in a restaurant.

The cheap deals come as part of McDonald’s weekly Monday offer, which returns today (9 May).

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Shoppers Call For Chicken Kiev’s Rename



Shoppers have called on UK supermarkets to stand with Ukraine by renaming chicken kievs ‘chicken kyivs’ to show solidarity with the country as it battles Russian invaders.

‘Kiev’ was the standardised spelling for the city under Soviet rule, but recent Russian aggression has seen more Western institutions heed calls to abandon it in favour of the Ukrainian alternative.

The UK Government has been referring to its embassy as being based in ‘Kyiv’ for years. With ministers also increasingly using the new pronunciation.

Ukraine’s capital is known as Київ in Ukrainian and Киев in Russian. Both terms do not have a direct translation into the alphabet, with Kiev, Kyiv, Kyyiv or Kiyev all being possibilities.

But the spelling ‘Kiev’ is intrinsically linked with the old USSR due to its widespread use by the British and Americans while the city was under Soviet rule. This continued after independence in 1991, until ‘Kyiv’ was legally approved by the Ukrainian government.

It was not until the Maidan uprising of 2014 the issue hit the public consciousness, with the ousting of pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych and the creation of a new administration seeking closer ties to the West.

Young Ukrainians see ‘Kiev’ as a relic of the Soviet past, and this view is now shared by the government, which launched a ‘KyivNotKiev’ campaign in 2018.

Do you think the outdated spelling and name should be changed?

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McDonald’s cuts prices by 20% for the week



Credit: Brett Jordan

The burger giant McDonald’s is treating it’s customers to a 20% discount on all menu items until Sunday (27 February).

McDonald’s lovers are able to enjoy the deal so long as they order their food in a specific way.

Customers must order via the app to either pick up in store, click and collect or drive through.

The offer can be found under the ‘deals’ section on the app.

As an example, although prices can differ slightly, fans of the popular fast food takeaway can tuck into a Double Big Mac for just £3.35 rather than £4.19.

However, to avoid being disappointed, customer’s mustn’t expect the discount if they are coming into store or using a third-party service such as Uber Eats.

For customers who haven’t got the app yet, they can take their time before taking advantage of the deal.

A 20% price reduction is available for customers first app order.

The deal can be used at anytime in 2022, but it must be within 21 days of registering.



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