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Salah scores hat-trick as Liverpool thrash United 5-0 at Old Trafford



Manchester vs Liverpool Football Match

The most anticipated rivalry in English football was the talk of the town heading into Sunday’s fixture, where Ole Gunnar Soljasker’s Manchester United hosted Jurgen Klopps Liverpool at Old Trafford.


The home side had the first chance as Bruno Fernandes smashed the ball wide but from there it was all Liverpool. Naby Keita scored in the 5th minute followed by Diogo Jota in the 12th. What followed was a Mohammed Salah hat-trick in the 38th, 45th and 50th minutes.


Manchester United looked like a Sunday league team compared to Liverpool, defensive mistakes all over the pitch despite having one of the most expensive defences in world football as well as two Euro 2020 finalists in Luke Shaw and club captain Harry Maguire, who collided with each other resulting in Salahs first goal.


By the 50th minute, Old Trafford was looking more and more empty with aerial shots capturing fans walking down the famous Warwick road after clearly seeing enough.


Even Sir Alex Ferguson’s face summed up the emotions in the ground during Sunday’s game.



From a Liverpool standpoint, club legend Kenny Dalgish was loving the performance his side gave at the Theatre of Dreams.



Things went from bad to worse for Soljaskers side, despite being 5 goals down at home, Paul Pogba then got a red card for a challenge on Keita.


Fans started to turn on Ole and his players given the performance as the performance did not match expectations heading into a match of this magnitude.


On social media, fans were making their opinions heard that Ole’s time may be up. Speculation over Soljaskers future has been a hot topic in the footballing world given Man United’s performances.


In his post match interview, when questioned Soljasker made it clear he had no intentions to walk away from his job, he said: “We are too close to give up now. I have come too far, we have come too far as a group.


“I do believe in myself. I do believe that I am getting close to what I want with the club, what we’ve done.


“The results lately haven’t been good enough. That brings doubt in anyone’s mind probably but I’ve got to keep strong and believe in what we’re doing.


“I’ve heard nothing else (from the club) and I’m still thinking about tomorrow’s work.


“We are at rock bottom. I can’t say now I’ve felt any worse than this. It’s the worst I’ve been, the lowest I’ve been, but I accept the responsibility. That is mine today and it’s mine going forward.”


Manchester United are without a win since their 2-1 win away to West Ham on 19th September.


Reports this week have emerged that contact has been made with Antonio Conte, who won the Premier League with Chelsea.


Solskjaer is expected to remain in charge for the Tottenham game this weekend, as he has the support of the club, for now.


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Meet the British Woman Hoping to End F1’s 46-year Wait For a Female Driver



The modern sports industry remains a very male dominated field. Historically motorsport especially being one of the most inaccessible to women.

In its entire 72-year history, only two women have ever driven in a Formula 1 grand prix. The last was the pioneer Lella Lombardi, the Italian who competed in 12 races between 1974 and 1976 for teams including Williams.

Now, Britain’s Jamie Chadwick is aiming to end the 46-year wait for a woman to sit behind the wheel of a car on the starting grid at the very top level of racing.

The 23-year-old from Bath, is the most prominent woman in world the world of motorsport thanks to the strong results she has earned in the early stages of her career across multiple categories.

Chadwick is about to embark on her third season in W Series, an all-female racing championship launched in 2019 which aims to ensure more women are able to make professional careers out of motor racing.

The aim means that, in conjunction with the heated rivalry that understandably comes with battling for the championship on track, the athletes competing in W Series feel they share a common goal to help one another improve and make overall progress for women in motorsport too. Chadwick has won the title in both of W Series’ first two campaigns.

Speaking to Metro she said:  ‘Everyone expects us not to get on [because we are rivals] but we really, genuinely do. The big reason in my opinion is that we’ve all been through such a similar experience in the sport individually. We can share those experiences with each other and push each other to bring one another on, and hopefully leave the sport in a better place for the next generation coming through.’

Do you think she stands a chance of making it?

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Newcastle co-owner says Chelsea’s Abramovich having to sell isn’t fair



Credit: Chelsea FC Instagram

Newcastle co-owner Amanda Staveley “doesnt think its particularly fair” that Roman Abramovich is selling following the Russia-Ukraine war.

The businessman announced he had made the “incredibly difficult decision” in a statement on the Premier League club’s website.

There has been calls for Abramovich to be sanctioned, as Chris Bryant alleges leaked Home Office document from 2019 shows he had links to Russian state as well as to “corrupt activity and practices” – the Guardian reports.

Speaking at the Financial Times Business of Football Summit, Staveley said: “We’re always going to have geopolitical issues.

I’m really sad that someone is going to have a football club taken away because of a relationship he may have with someone.

“I don’t think that’s particularly fair to be honest. But I also think that we have to hold all of our relationships to account.”

In his statement, Abramovich said: “I have always taken decisions with the club’s best interest at heart.

“In the current situation, I have therefore taken the decision to sell the club, as I believe this is in the best interest of the club, the fans, the employees, as well as the club’s sponsors and partners.

“The sale of the club will not be fast-tracked but will follow due process.”

Abramovich has said that he won’t be asking for loans to be repaid.

He added: “I have instructed my team to set up a charitable foundation where all net proceeds from the sale will be donated. The foundation will be for the benefit of all victims of the war in Ukraine.”

The businessman bought Chelsea back in 2003 for £140m, and has since loaned the club over £1.5bn.

Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss has told Swiss newspaper Blick that he has the chance to buy Chelsea.

However he says that at the moment Abramovich is “asking far too much.”

What are your thoughts?




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Russia’s captain Aleksandr Golovin speaks out on Russian invasion



Credit: Aleksandr Golovin Instagram

Russia’s football captain Aleksandr Golovin has spoke out about the Russia-Ukraine war.

In a post uploaded to Instagram on Wednesday, the footballer said he hadn’t before now because he wasn’t an expert in politics.

However, he said he would now express his opinion, because he has been drawn to this topic from “all sides.”

It follows furious backlash from Ukrainian players Vitalii Mykolenko and Andriy Yarmolenko about Russian players staying quiet about the invasion of Ukraine.

The captain wrote: “War is a frightful thing. But I am shocked by human aggression and hatred, which every day acquires some sort of unprecedented scale.

“I am against discrimination based on nationality. I’m not ashamed that I’m Russian. I am proud to be Russian. And I don’t understand why athletes should suffer now.”

He continued he was “against double standards.”

Golovin added: “Why is it that one can do everything, but all the dogs are hanged on us. Why has everyone always shouted about sports outside of politics, but at the first opportunity, when it comes to Russia, this principle is completely forgotten?”

He expressed that “anger, dirt and bile” is being poured on Russian people, “regardless of their position and profession.”

The Zenit St Petersburg forward concluded: “P.S. And to some colleagues in the workshop who sit on their ass in mansions in England and say nasty things: it cannot offend us, we understand everything! Peace and goodness to everybody!”

On Tuesday in an Instagram post, Everton’s Mykolenko criticised Russia’s international players for remaining silent whilst “peaceful civilians are being killed in Ukraine.”

The 22-year-old wrote: “You will be locked in your dungeon for the rest of your life and most importantly the lives of your kids. And I’m glad.”

West Ham’s Yarmolenko also hit out at Russian players on Tuesday.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, he said: “Guys, why are you sitting like shitheads and not saying anything? In my country they’re killing people, killing wives, killing our children. But you’re saying nothing, you’ve given no comments.”

Russia has been suspended from all competition, Fifa and Uefa have ruled.



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