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Women at Airport Gives Free Shots to Passengers to Save it Going to Waste



Is there anything better than airport drinks before your flight?

A group of women heading to Miami from Florida were caught out by airport security after they forgot that they would not be allowed over 100ml of liquid in their hand luggage.

However, instead of handing the alcohol over to the Transport Security Association (TSA), the three women began to distribute it among the passengers waiting in the queue behind them.

This was all captured in a TikTok video by @latinnbellaa and shows bottles of pineapple Malibu and Ciroc vodka being passed around by passengers – so not cheap stuff either!

@latinnbellaa#fyp #miami #funny♬ original sound – D

‘They weren’t going to let us take our bottles through check-in so we gave shots to everyone in line.’ said the TikTok user @latinnbellaa

People were quick to comment on the video, @latinnbellaa now boasts over 8.4 thousand followers and the video has gone viral, now having been viewed over 14.5 million times, some were in favour of the ‘sharing is caring’ gesture one user commenting, ‘This is about to be the most lit plane ride. You all have a party group already.’

Others however were concerned over health ramifications following the covid-19 pandemic, ‘The fact that they are taking off their masks to drink from the same bottle,” wrote another user. “I guess alcohol sanitises everything.”

The women later posted a video from Miami in a bar, so they definitely got on their flight okay, would you have accepted the shot?

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EuroMillions: UK ticket holder claims £184m jackpot



One lucky ticket-holder’s life has changed forever after winning the £184million EuroMillions jackpot. It means they have become the biggest ever National Lottery winner, operator Camelot has said.

Whoever they are, they have knocked the anonymous winner of £170million in October 2019 off the top spot. They have also become the National Lottery’s 14th winner of more than £100million.

The winner, who is yet to be named, is also the second person in the UK to win the EuroMillions jackpot this year, after someone bagged £109million in February.

The winning numbers were 3, 25, 27, 28 and 29 – plus the Lucky Star numbers 4 and 9. One ticket matched all seven numbers to win £184,262,899.10.

Senior winners’ adviser for the National Lottery, Andy Carter said: “What an amazing night for one UK ticket-holder who has scooped the incredible £184million EuroMillions jackpot – they have become the UK’s biggest ever National Lottery winner.”

The claim will now go through a validation process to ensure terms and conditions are met and once the ticket has been validated the winner can choose whether or not to remain anonymous.

What would you do with all that money?

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McDonald’s Mondays: How to get a 99p Quarter Pounder Today



Fans of McDonald’s can enjoy some breakfast and lunch meals for just 99p today as the fast food chain slashes its prices for one day only, marking the return of McDonald’s Mondays.

The fast-food chain’s regular McMuffin will be reduced from £2.29 to just 99p during the breakfast window, which ends at 11am.

Quarter pounders with cheese will also be available for less than £1 on the lunch menu, saving customers £2.20!

The deal is limited to one per person and is only available via the offers section of the McDonald’s app until midnight.

Then just choose how you would like to collect your order via Drive-thru, click and serve, takeaway or in a restaurant.

The cheap deals come as part of McDonald’s weekly Monday offer, which returns today (9 May).

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Dave Chappelle: US Comedian Attacked on Stage in Los Angeles



US stand-up comedian Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage on Tuesday during a performance at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

After returning to the stage on Tuesday, the 48-year-old made light of the controversy, suggesting to the audience that the attacker “was a trans man”. Chappelle faced criticism and protests last year when his Netflix special was accused of being transphobic.

According to ABC journalist Stephanie Wash, fellow comic Chris Rock – who was slapped on stage by Will Smith at the Oscars in March – then came on stage with Chappelle. It was said an attacker “lunged” at the comedian as he headlined the event, sending him “flying in the air”.

She said: “It looked like someone was dashing across the stage from the side. He fell backwards on to his back, with his arms and legs up in the air. He was obviously in shock. We were all in shock.

“I thought for a moment OK, is this a prank? Because they had made some Will Smith jokes. Even though Chris Rock was there, Dave was making some jokes, it was fair game, right?”

LAPD confirmed they had taken a man into custody and that he was armed with a replica gun “that can eject a knife blade” when discharged correctly. It is unclear if the man tried to use the weapon.

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